Understanding your skin type – Revised

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We start out with either nice skin or problem skin as a teenager. We never really paid too much attention

to whether it was oily, dry, or combination skin, just did we have pimples or did we not.

Our youthful skin is able to renew and maintain itself quite easily. However, as we get older our skin

needs a little more TLC to help keep it healthy and looking good. We wreak havoc on our skin between not

drinking enough water, the stress of daily life, poor diet and the effects of the sun and the wind, not to mention

us who enjoy visiting the tanning salon (shame on us), poor air circulation and drying heat no

wonder our skin gives us so much trouble.

We all have different kinds of skin types.
We all have different kinds of skin types.

Changes in diet, hormones, weather, emotions or yes, you could have guessed that time of the month can

cause your skin to feel drier, oilier or even more acne-prone. Our skin does change. You probably won’t always

have only “dry” or “oily skin.” Most of us do occasionally experience combination skin some of the time.

So just what kind of skin type do you have?

Oily Skin

Those of us with oily skin don’t realize that oils actually help us to maintain young looking skin and keeps

us wrinkle-free longer than others with dry skin. All we see is that shiny nose, that glowing forehead,

and those annoying breakouts. Unfortunately thinking we are doing good to our skin we try to dry out the

oils by using harsh cleansers that dry it out and use products that contain alcohol to strip away that

unpleasant shine, even though we do we temporarily achieve an oil-free, matte finish this actually only

worsens the situation, by causing the sebaceous glands of the skin to produce excessive amounts of more oil.

If you experience mostly oily skin here are a few tips that can help you keep your skin looking healthier longer.

1.)Try using a regular cleanser without harsh chemicals to dry out the skin.
2.) If you use a toner, make sure to use a PH balanced one.
Use a moisturizer with a combination of well-balanced ingredients and good oils.
Even oily skin needs to be properly hydrated.  Avoid creams with petrolatum.

3.) Use a non-greasy foundation that will also help balance out your skin with hydration.
Dewy is good…looking greasy, not so much. Opt for a foundation that dries to a matte finish.
4.) Avoid eyeshadows that feel greasy or contain glitter;
they can cause you to look a bit shiny instead of the desired “dewy“ effect.
5.) When needed, apply a matte finish powder to set your foundation and keep it in place.
6.) When your face is shiny, use oil absorbing products instead of layers of powder,
which can look cakey with build up.

Combination Skin

The T-zone is the problem area when it comes to combination skin (the area across our forehead and down the nose to your chin)

it tends to dry out around the edges. Try to remember, no matter what type of skin type,

we all need to hydrate and moisturize around our eyes and lips to help prevent wrinkles from developing.

Here is some advice for combination skin:

1.) Use a gentle cleanser.
2.) Use a liquid or cream foundation.
3.) Use a powder or cream blush and eyeshadow.
4.)  Don’t forget to moisturize all over your face. Apply a thinner coat in oilier areas.
5.) Continue to change your moisturizers every now and again;. check the ingredients and look for a good combination
of antioxidants, oils, and actives.
6.) Using blotting papers or Invisible Finish is great for absorbing oil.

Sensitive Skin

Those of us with sensitive skin are limited to hypoallergenic cosmetics in order to prevent skin reactions from occurring.

Here are some tips for those of you with sensitive skin:

1.) Use mild or PH balanced skin cleansers they may say on the bottle “soothing” or “calming”
2.) Avoid products containing fragrance, live plant extract, lanolin or alcohol.
3.) Mostly try to avoid any kind of harsh cleansers or exfoliants on your sensitive skin;
look for products that are made for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.
4.)I know this one sucks because but, avoid setting sprays on your skin if you must try
InstaReady by Physicians Formula.It is Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-Free. Paraben-Free. Gluten Free. Cruelty-Free.
Dermatologist Tested. Clinically Tested.


No matter which skin type you may have been blessed or cursed with it is important to consider your skin type.

Don’t Forget Water, yes drink lots of water it is the most natural way to replenish your skin.

If you have dry skin you should avoid oil-free and oil absorbing makeup. For those with oily skin,

avoid moisturizers and makeup that look and feel greasy or do not allow your skin to breathe.

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