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Top 10 Web Hosting Platforms

So you have finally decided to start that blog you have been thinking about starting for a while now but you’re just not quite sure which web hosting platform to pick.When it comes to hosting there are plenty of sites out there offering to host your website or blog. Not all work in the same way.



Depending on where you are at with experience can make a difference on which hosting platform is right for you. Bloggers have the opportunity to start a blog for free with a few platforms such as “Blogger, Tumblr, and” The only think about these free accounts is you will have their website address linked to the tail of your blog name such as “” (This is just an example, I do not have an actual Blogger webpage).


Here is a list of the top 10 web hosting platforms available to bloggers or heck anyone wanting to start a website of their own






WordPress- If you are going to be constantly posting blog posts, or are familiar with coding WordPress is my personal favorite blogging platform. WordPress does offer paid hosting for a cost which in my opinion is a little costly if you’re just starting out and do not have that many subscribers yet. One great thing about the WordPress blogging platform is that you can download it on many of the other hosting platforms free of charge.

They have plenty of free beautiful themes to upload to make your blog look just as you want it to look. You have the option to purchase themes also for around $49.00. If you know how to code you can create your very own theme and develop it as you like.  Another advantage of using WordPress is the many plugins that are also free to use


Weebly-Is easy to use and is great for beginners, easy to set up and is eCommerce compatible. Weebly offers an easy to use drag and drop website builder or you can download WordPress easily and take advantage of all it as to offer.

Weebly offers the free version with their website name on the tail of your website name or you can pay monthly once you get things up and going.


Wix– Is top rated in ease of use when it comes to website building they even offer a free service for beginners. Also great for small businesses.Wix is kinda like Weebly when it comes to what they offer and how easy it is to get started.

WordPress is a little more complicated to use with Wix. You must add WordPress as a sub-domain. 


Bluehost– Is a really good hosting platform with Bluehost your plans for at least a year. Simply because they do not offer a month by month payment plan. If you do the math going ahead and paying for a year isn’t that expensive it just might not be what’s best for you at the beginning. (Especially if you’re trying to start off for free.)

In the long run, it is actually cheaper to go with Bluehost because most platforms charge you around $10 – $12 a month for hosting which leads us to my next platform.

Hostgator I have heard many people say Hostgator isn’t a good web host but I use Hostgator and I haven’t had any trouble out of them.They offer three plans 1. Hatchling 2. The Baby 3.Business Plan.

You can start off with a code below to get a deal on your first month of service.Wordpress can be installed with 1-click service or use their drag n drop website, builder.

Create A Website For Just One Cent For Your First Month! Use Coupon: 1CENT.


Strikingly– Looks really good. It works really well for one-page websites such as a  photography portfolio. It is also good for collecting emails for affiliate marketing.

They do offer a free version or an upgraded version that you can earn free months of service by advertising your link on social media sites and when someone clicks your link and signs up even for a free plan you get a free month of paid hosting. WordPress is not supported on Strikingly.


Siteground I hear a lot of people supporting Siteground. I just don’t care for paying a year’s worth of hosting up front but honestly, it is cheaper in the long run. Siteground is also known for its speed. WordPress can be installed on Siteground.


Voog– Is mostly known for being a multilingual site builder which is great for businesses that will be working with other countries. If you have a national based business Voog might be the right web hosting platform for you.


Go-Daddy– Last but not least GoDaddy is a pretty popular web hosting platform. It is simple to use and is WordPress compatible. GoDaddy usually has some kind of sale going on where you can get the 1st month for cheap or possibly even free.


Squarespace– Has great themes and was top rated one of the three top website builders for small business. The only thing is Squarespace is the best choice when it comes to blogging.Wordpress isn’t offered on Squarespace.

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  • This is awesome! I contstantly have people asking me about which is the best platform to use for blogging. From now on, I’m going to send them your link!

    • Thank you so much! I would love to help out as many people as I can.

  • Cathy

    Thank you for this informative post! When you’re just starting out (as I am), you don’t know what you don’t know, and I had no idea what other platforms were available. I do use SiteGround and do really love it, but now I have options should I need them in the future.

    And Karen, your blog is Great work!

    • Thank you for the comment. I honestly have switched twice since I started my blog in March. I should have shopped around before jumping into anything cause I have learned so much from other bloggers about which is better and which ones offered WordPress.

  • Shahroze Nawaz

    Hey You need to test Cloudways managed hosting You will love it. The hosting platform is designed for designers, Agencies and Freelancers. You can host your websites and applications in a click. Just test it and give me your feedback 🙂 here is the website:

    • I will definitely check them out! Thanks for the tip.