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Maybelline has been known to do a collab or two these days with some of the more popular beauty influencers. Their newest addition to hit the streets this fall is a collab with one of my personal favorites the amazing Nikkie De Jager better known for her fabulous YouTube channel Nikkie Tutorials.


Make It Happen Maybelline
Make It Happen ~ Maybelline

Maybelline introduced their new YouTube series hosted by Nikkie De Jager called “MakeUp Like This!”  Maybelline actually ran a contest on Instagram for beauty influencer to compete for a chance to be a co-host on the new series.

Nikkie herself picked from the tons of amazing beauty influencers out there and invited them to appear on the new YouTube series.  The new series will welcome one of the winning micro-influencers to join the down to earth beauty guru Nikkie De Jager to show off their amazing makeup talent using a variety of Maybelline’s line of cosmetics.The show will air bi-weekly on Maybelline’s own YouTube channel.



The first two episodes have already been aired on Maybelline’s YouTube channel earlier this month.

Episode #1 Nikkie De Jager co-hosts with makeup influencer Heather123.  Heather has 147,348 subscribers and started her YouTube channel 9 years ago as part of a contest. I know she is glad she entered that contest!


With Halloween right around the corner what better than a Halloween MakeUp Guru Giuliana to get you in the Halloween mood. Check out Maybelline’s New YouTube Series ” MakeUp Like This!” Episode # 2 with YouTube Halloween Makeup fanatic Giulianna who has 24,237 subscribers (this girl is good!)

I personally don’t think this video does justice for sharing just how much talent Guiliana truly has so if you would like to check out some of Giuliana’s other fantastic Halloween makeup tutorials follow the link to her YouTube channel for more.


I can’t wait to see who else won the Instagram contest and will be a guest on Makeup Like This! I think it’s great that people are having the opportunity to live out their dreams of being famous or collaborating with their favorite cosmetic lines.

I think it’s great that people are having the opportunity to share their talents and live out their dreams of being famous or collaborating with their favorite cosmetic lines. The internet has opened so many doors for so many people.

With that being said if you have a dream of becoming a beauty influencer on YouTube or starting your own makeup line, or maybe you want to write your own blog now is the time to turn that dream into reality!

You Can Do It
You Can Do It –Source

You can do it, it won’t happen overnight, heck it might take years but you gotta start to win the race! Make a plan, set goals for yourself. Just remember it takes time, patience, and determination to make dreams come true!

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  • Oh what an awesome chance for a collaboration, great idea for Maybelline to involve some of it’s most dedicated fans 🙂

    I have a youtube channel but it’s nowhere near as popular as these – in fact I really need to upload a new video, it’s been months!

    Hope you’re having a lovely week. After a tough week with an unwell toddler, I’m looking forward to the weekend!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Thanks for sharing I’ll have to go check it out!