Kyle Jenner Lip Kits

Kylie Jenners New Lip kits

Ever since Kylie Jenner brought out her cosmetics line, her matte liquid lipsticks have been flying off the shelves faster than tickets to a Justin Bieber concert. But is this new obsession with Kylie Cosmetics actually about the quality or is it simply because she’s a celebrity?

After purchasing three lip kits and five singles, I can say, for sure, that the formula for these matte lipsticks are made of great quality. Not only do they have a great fragrance and a moisturizing formula, but will also remain on your lips for an entire day if applied properly. Of course, not all shades have the same moisturizing, matte finish. However, I would pick Kylie Cosmetics over any other brand.

Kristen – Kylie Cosmetics

Kristen, my favorite matte shade at the moment, is a beautiful pink color which complements almost all skin tones. I could wear this for hours, and my lips still don’t feel dry or uncomfortable at all. Personally, with this shade, I don’t believe than the lip liner is necessary but that’s just a personal preference. After ordering Kristen twice in the last six months, I’d say it is absolutely worth it. The same goes for the shades Dolce K, Ginger, Mary Jo K and Posie K. In fact, if you’re looking for a red matte lipstick, Mary Jo K is the one to go for.

Kylie Lip Kits

Unfortunately, I was a bit let down by the darker shades such as Leo and Kourt K. After applying two coats of Leo, I was extremely disappointed when the color didn’t look as smooth and creamy as the others. Certain parts of my lips were visibly lighter than the others. The shade does dry to give the most beautiful color, but the fact that I had to keep checking the mirror to ensure it hadn’t faded away ruined the beauty. Kourt K is definitely not a personal favorite. The formula, in my opinion, was drier than others and didn’t provide a smooth finish. Similarly, the Dirty Peach lipstick, which is a very light pastel-like shade, isn’t something I would opt for. The color is difficult to pull off and does not suit all skin tones. It can sometimes appear patchy and does give off a slightly orange finish rather than peach.

Kylie Lip Kits

Overall, I’m a massive fan of Kylie Cosmetics. With these long lasting, moisturizing, beautiful matte lipsticks, I think it’s worth the risk. The advantages overshadow the disadvantages. Chances are that you’ll start to love these as much as I do.

Which of these lip shades is your favorite? Which do you recommend giving a try?


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